Hidden in the Rocky Mountains
is a growing cache of digital riches

Enter the contest, increase the cache, and follow the clues.
Your adventure and treasure awaits.

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How it works

Our co-founders were disappointed when the Fenn Treasure was found (unfortunately it wasn't us!). Without the thrill of the chase, what was a person to do? So we invented a new contest. No more cryptic poem (at least for now)...just solve clues to work your way to the treasure. If you have enough skill to locate the treasure, it is yours. Riddles, clues, or tasks will be issued that when sucessfuly solved will lead you to the treasure. A solve will require knowledge, skill, and ability. No person will find the cache by chance. It will also likely take you to places you've never been. Unlike past treasure hunts, our goal is for someone to find the treasure within approximately one to two calendar years.

Cache value = pending

Prospective searchers = 53

A cache has been prepared with digital riches in the form of a routing and bank account number. The balance of the account increases as new members join the hunt. However, to make the hunt worth everyone's time (including our time in setting up the contest) we need a hoarde of interested searchers. Sign up to our mailing list and we will notify you when sufficient interest has been generated to initiate a hunt.

Make your getaway

Get out there and join the hunt. Find something spectacular, or find yourself. Get your family involved. No telling what type of treasure(s) you might find.


General contest rules are provided below. Detailed terms and conditions will be provided at the time of entry. You are not entering by signing up to our mailing list.

  • Contest Fee

    The contest fee has been set on a sliding scale. The entry is $199 per searcher for the first 5,675 members with the contest fee increasing thereafter. Only a single treasure is available regardless of the number of individuals involved.

  • Resources

    You may use computers, maps, GPS units, land ownership, dictonaries, encyclopedias, psychics, or any other resources at your disposal.

  • Notifications

    Once a sufficient amount of interest has been generated about the contest (assuming it does), we will notify you by email for the contest entry. Signup and payment will be required at that time.

  • Treasure Balance and Administrative Fee

    The treasure value is directly proportional to the number of contestants. An administrative fee of 12.9% will be assessed to cover credit card charges, contest development costs, and legal fees.

  • Limitations

    Only one treasure will be hidden. Only one treasure will be found. And it will be found!

  • Rules

    To maintan contest integrity, winning searcher's identity will be disclosed along with location of the cache. Many more rules to come.

Good Luck

We hope to see you out there hunting!

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